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The fly fishing specialty store

In an exposed location at the Möhnesee you will find the exclusive Flyfishing Europe Store for fly fishing. Take your time and explore in peace the exhibition space before you decide if you will be first fascinated by the attractively presented flyrods, if you admire the solid technology of our flyreels and vices in the glass cabinets or whether you get lost in front of the large exhibition stand of flies, already trying to tie them on your own in your mind.

Flyfishing Europe stands for a unique variety of products
Take your time, we want to make your visit an experience for itself so that even a longer journey is definitely worth it. Our aim is to offer the widest and most attractive range of products for fly fishing from a single source. On more than 350m² of exhibition space you will find a huge selection from A-Z of high-quality branded products for fly fishing, professionally presented and sorted by product groups. We rely unconditionally on quality, exclusivity and an optimal price / performance ratio. Whatever you are looking for, whether a fly rod, a fly reel, wading clothing, SIMMS clothing, tying material or accessories, FFE offers an excellent choice for every fly fisherman.

Flyfishing Europe fly tying department
Have a look around in our fly tying department, in the inexhaustible variety of fly tying materials that leaves no wish unfulfilled The clear arrangement of the materials makes orientation easier and makes browsing an experience that will capture your fly tier fantasy. Whether binding thread, dubbing, vhenille, foils, gold beads, necks, CDC, fly hooks, tying tools, vises or other tying material, here you will find it. Of course you can always ask us to explain the processing of the materials and get a demonstration on site. We are always at your disposal.

SIMMS wading clothing for fly fishermen
Look around in the clothing department for fly fishing: waders, wading jackets, wading boots, shirts, layering, vests, bags, and so on... In our exclusive SIMMS shop-in-shop system you will find the complete range of the most reputable manufacturer of professional wading clothing and fly fishing clothing including all accessories. Here you can get advice, try and compare and find guaranteed your perfect fly fishing outfit.

Decision-Making is easy at Flyfishing Europe
We know that the diversity of our range is spoiled for choice result. Just ask! Tell us your fishing preferences and the conditions on your waters. We will discuss with you a shortlist of potential fly rods, fly reels and fly lines. And then take the fly rods of your preselection to the lawn in front of our shop or on the banks of lake Möhnesee directly in front of our store and try what suits you best. Of course we will also provide you with advice and solid experience in fly fishing.

Flyfishing Europe Outlet
In our specialty store for fly fishermen and our online shop the OUTLET CENTER is an important thing. Have a closer look, because here you can find all season new, greatly reduced branded goods from our main catalog for fly fishing, which we offer to you in changing individual actions at unrivaled prices. For example Outlet flyrods of Thomas&Thomas, Outlet flyrods of Winston, Outlet flyreels of Nautilus and Bauer, Outlet waders, wading jackets and wading boots of Simms. As well you will find Outlet bags, shirts, caps and gloves of Simms, Outlet Womens wading clothing if Simms, Outlet flylines, Outlet flytying material, Outlet DVD´s, Outlet fly boxes and many more...
We want that fly fisher with a limited budget do not have to give up a professional equipment.

Flyfishing courses and fly tying courses at Flyfishing Europe
Due to popular demand we have extended our program. In addition to courses for beginners and advanced flyfishermen, we also offer specialized courses in many different areas of fly fishing: beginners' courses, advanced courses, fly fishing with the nymph, fly fishing with the streamer, fly fishing for pike, fly fishing on small rivers, fly fishing with the shooting head on single handed rods, fly fishing with the Switch rod, fly fishing with two-handed rods, fly fishing in saltwater. Our fly fishing courses are moderated by the two FFF Master Instructors Uwe Kaptein and Uwe Utzel and also Mirjana Pavlic.

Flyfishing Europe waters
Experience the full range of relaxing and challenging fly fishing. You will find a water for every taste. From the exciting and tricky fishing on challenging Headwaters to stillwater fisheries for big salmonids. Regarding to the species of fish, our waters have everything to offer, what the fly fisherman's heart desires: brown trout and rainbow trout, grayling, brook trout, and even realistic chances for lake trout. At all of our exclusive waters only fly fishing is allowed with barbless flies. Our waters for fly fishing include: Lenne, Latrop, Hirschberger streams, Hoppecke and fly fishing on the still water at Bozje.

Flyfishing Europe product range
fly rods, fly reels, fly lines, leaders, tippet, accessories for fly fishing, wading clothing, waders, wading boots, wading jackets, vests, undergarments for wading, gloves, hats, caps, shirts, trousers, T-Shirts, Ladies wading clothing, products for care of wading clothing, polarized glasses, bags, baskets, rod tubes, nets, net holder, weights, strike indicators, fly floatants, pliers, clips, knives, lamps, fly boxes, flies, fly assortments, vises, tying tools, fly hooks, fly tying material, tube fly systems, cone heads, fly tying starter kits, belly boats, DVD movies, vouchers

Flyfishing Europe major brands
Winston, Burkheimer, Salmologic, Shu-Fly, Thomas&Thomas, TFO, Scott, Nautilus, Bauer, Saracione, EOS, Hawking, Abel, Waterworks-Lamson, C&F Design, Teeny, Scientific Anglers, Stroft, Umpqua, Sawada, Trout Hunter, Roman Moser, Costa, Coccoons, Smith Optics, Dr. Slick, Flambeau, Sports Tools, Petzl, Wheatley, Loon Outdoors, Simms, Clear Creek, Brodin, Dyna-King, Sava, Daiichi, Hayabusa, Metz, Uni, Wapsi, Spirit River, Hedron Flashabou, H2O Products, Swiss CDC, Rainy´s, Solitude, Outcast, RodMounts, OmniSpool, Flyfishing Europe

Flyfishing Europe distributions
Winston fly rods (D, AT), Burkheimer fly rods (D, AT), Teeny fly rods (D, AT), Nautilus fly reels (D, AT), Bauer fly reels (D, AT), Saracione fly reels (D, AT), EOS fly reels (weltweit), Hawking fly reels (Weltweit), Teeny fly lines (D, AT), Umpqua (D, AT), Costa polarized glasses (D), Brodin nets (D, AT), Solitude flies (D, AT), Clear Creek bags and rod tubes (D, AT), Sava vises (D)

Flyfishing Europe Premium Partner Germany
Salmologic fly rods, Salmologic fly reels, Salmologic fly lines, Salmologic shooting heads, Salmologic leader, Salmologic tippet material, Salmologic accessories